About us

We both love working on jobs related to music as well as we love making music. So we decided to give both of us a platform to present our previous jobs as well as delivering a platform to contact each one of us. If you need photographs, Jonas is your man, if you need design, then head up to Florian. If you need both, we’ll find a way!

Jonas (on the left) is a photographer and as such has slept on at least as many dirty backstage sofas as he has as a bassist and guitarist. He likes psychedelic stoner, Pink Floyd record covers, portraits of The Doors and visual storytelling. He’s on Instagram.

Florian (on the right) earns his money as a trained graphic designer and spends it making music. He plays drums at Saint Gallus Convention Tapes and Mother Bear (together with Jonas), loves synthesizers, album art, black metal and almost all kinds of music. He sucks on Instagram.